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Ultra-Growth is a muscle building nutritional liquid supplement that helps to build powerful muscle at an optimal rate without gaining unwanted fat. Ultra Growth provides a healthy and advantageous alternative to anabolic steroids. Gamma oryzanol helps the body to develop high quality muscles, rather than fat, as well as improved muscle tone and blood circulation. It also helps clear the equine body of lactic acid and other by-products of stress, thus increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fatty tissue. Creatine orotate has shown to build strength and increase stamina and lean body mass. It also intensifies the pace of energy production in the muscle cells resulting in more energy for sustained performance. The improved hormone production created by Ultra Growth may be valuable to improve mood and mental function. Animals that were once nervous have now become calmer and more reliable performers. Stall pacing and other such nervous habits may be reduced. This product contains 200 mg. of Creatine Orotate and 4000 mg. of Gamma Oryzanol per ounce in a rice bran base. Rice bran is a rich source of hypoallergenic protein, oil, dietary fiber, and amino acids (the necessary building blocks of all protein in the body).

Recommended Dosage: 1/2 oz. daily.

Ultra-Growth is available in quarts and gallons. (Piña Colada flavor.)

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